Group Companies

Valid has subsidiaries in Brazil and abroad that provide the best and most diversified means of payment solutions, identification and telecommunications systems.



Interprint Ltda.

Segment: identification systems.

Portfolio: Driver’s licenses, photo IDs, biometric solutions, electronic and inductive printing.


Valid Argentina (New corporate identity of Transtex, one of Argentina's largest plastic card manufacturers)

Segment: payment methods and telecommunications.

Portfolio: Bank cards, chips and cellular phone cards, processing of security information, codification, and barcode printing, among other services.


Trust Administração e Participações Ltda.

Segment: Brazilian and international telecommunications.

Portfolio: cellular phone cards, lottery and promotional products.


Valid Espanha (New corporate identity of Microelectrónica, founded in Spain in 1981)

Segment: telecommunications.

Portfolio: chips and cellular phone cards.


PPI Secure Solutions LLC

Portfolio: Full service personalization imaging, fulfillment and mailing services.



Segment: telecommunications.

Portfolio: development of solutions, quality, operations and marketing/BI for mobile phones, landlines and convergent solutions.



Segment: telecommunications.

Portfolio: chips and cellular phone cards.


Valid Certificadora

Segment: digital certification

Portfolio: digital certifications for individuals and legal entities and for Electronic Invoices.